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Registered CANDE users and supporters are listed alphabetically in the table below. To join the CANDE user community, please send your name, affiliation, job title, email address and areas of interest to mgkatona@comcast.net. If desired, you may include a URL link to your own web pages.

  • Registered users receive emails whenever there is an update in the CANDE computer program, information on a new modeling technique, or any significant development in soil-structure interaction.
  • Also by means of the information provided in the table, registered users are visible to members of the soil-structure interaction community for networking and information-sharing opportunities.

Registered CANDE users are listed below -- More information about individuals whose last name are underlined can be found by clicking the last name to link to their web page.



Name: Last, First

Affiliation & Job-title  andaa       


Areas of Interest

Abolmaali, Ali
University of Texas at Arlington, Professor of Civil Engineering 
Numerical analysis of soil-structure interaction, modeling of cracks & inelastic behavior  
Affortunato, Massimo
Consultant, Mechanics Engineer 
Akoh-Arrey, Ken
Arizona DOT, Chief Drainage Engineer, 
All areas of CANDE  
Albert, Wahid
New York State DOT, Director of Structures Design Bureau 
Reinforced concrete box culverts and reinforced concrete 3-sided culverts  
Alzabeebee, Saif
University of Birmingham,
PhD student
Concrete pipes, bedding factor, flexible pipes and box culverts  
Barnes, Kent 
Montana DOT, Bridge Engineer 
General and steel culvert stability  
Bartell, Elizabeth
Reynolds Smith and Hills Inc, Water Resources Engineer  
Bass, Brent
Simpson Gumpertz & Heger Inc., Staff II - Structures
Beakley, Josh
American Concrete Pipe Assoc., Director of Technical Services
General and reinforced concrete pipe

Beaver, Jesse

Simpson Gumpertz & Heger
Senior Project Manage
JLBeaver@sgh.com  All aspects of soil-structure interaction   
Befikadu, Elizabeth 
AI Engineers, Inc.
Principal Engineer
General interes
Bell,  Wayne 
BELL Engineering
Consulting engineer
General; buried pipe design and tunneling
Bhatt, Hemendra
Massachusetts DOT, Assistant Bridge Engineer for Bridge Rating and Overloads Permits  
Corrugated metal and reinforced concrete for long span arches, and box and pipe culverts 

Bordeaux, Kellie

Oregon DOT, 
Graduate  Engineer 


Botas, Patricia
Botas Engineering Inc, President 
Corrugated metal, reinforced concrete, thermoplastic, long spans and box culverts  
Brennan, James
Kansas DOT, Assistant Geotechnical Engineer 
Brockenbrough, Roger
RL.Brockenbrough & Assoc. Inc, President 
Flexible culverts corrugated metal and plastic  
Brown, Christie
Tennessee DOT, Roadway Specialist Supervisor 1 
Box culverts and pipe-like culverts  
Brown, Eric
Federal Highway Administration, Hydraulic Engineer 
Brown, Sophie
Oregon DOT
 Retaining Wall Program Engineer
Soil-structure interaction, FEM, and LRFD analysis & design

Burger, Emily

New York state DOT, Engineer

healthnaturo1@gmail.com General  
Burke, Andrew
Oldcastle Precast, Senior Design Engineer
RCP Pipe, Long span arches, three-sided bridges, custom shapes  and boxes.
Burton, Antonio
Baskerville Donovan, Inc.  Structural Engineer
General interest
Carfagno, Michael
CONTECH Construction Products Inc., Vice President Engineering Development
Reinforced concrete, long span arches, general  
Castaneda-Aguilar, Nestor
Simpson Gumpertz & Heger, Staff II – Structures 
Ceary, Micah
Brudis & Associates, Inc
Director Structure Division
 Long span arches
Chaluvadi, Rao
Pennsylvania DOT, Project Manager 
Concrete culverts  
Chavez, Edmundo
Transports Ministry of Quebec Canada  
Project Engineer 
Reinforced concrete box culverts.  
Chen, Qiming
Louisiana DOT
Engineer 4
Design and load rating of all types of culverts
Cherenzia, Damon
Caltrans,  Culvert Inspection Program Coordinator 
General, Corrugated Metal Pipes, Thermoplastic,  Reinforced Concrete  
Choung, Bao
Connecticut DOT, Transportation Engineer 2 
Reinforced concrete, box culverts, three-sided frames 
Clark, Michael
St. Clair County Road Commission County Bridge Engineer 
Design and load rate all types of culvert and bridge structures   
Click, Lance
Tennessee DOT, Engineer - Operations Specialist  
Cole, Kerry
IMH Products Inc, Sales Manager 
Corrugated steel products and manufacturing  
Conow, Oliver
C-Tec, Customer Support Manager 
General and instrumentation for soil-structure measurements 
Cook, Ray
Utah DOT, Senior Design Engineer 
Box culverts and three-sided structures  
Corrales, Jorge
Florida DOT, Drainage Designer 
Simpson Gumpertz & Heger, Structures Staff-I

DelloRusso, Steve

Simpson Gumpertz & Heger Inc., Senior Staff II 


Reinforced concrete pipe, boxes, and arches  

Desai, Niranjan 
Engineering Consultants Inc, Project Engineer    
Reinforced concrete box and pipe culverts  
Dilnesahu, Tamene
Maryland Department of Environment, Regulatory and Compliance Engineer  
Domonell, Eric
Simpson Gumpertz & Heger Staff-1 Structural Engineer 
All aspects of soil-structure interaction  
Duan, Carl      
Caltrans,  Senior Bridge Engineer and Specialist  

Eberle, Matthew 

EcoAID Pty Ltd,       Technical Director 


Buried Thermoplastic Chambers and Galleries  

Engindeniz, Murat 
SGH, Senior Staff I-Structures 
General, corrugated metal, reinforced concrete, and thermoplastic, all shapes 
Flournoy, Tom 
Alabama DOT, Bridge Hydraulic Engineer 
Folkman, Steven
Utah State University, Professor of Mechanical & Aero Engineering 
Full scale laboratory testing of culverts and numerical analysis techniques 
Fontaine, Leo
Connecticut DOT, Transportation Principal Engineer 
Arches, 3-sided box culverts and box culverts  
Ford, Joy
Deleware DOT, Engineer 
Buried culverts & structures  
Forester, Dallas
Caltrans (California DOT), Culverts and U/G Senior  Structures  Specialist 
All underground structures  
Frankhauser, Wayne
Maine DOT, Assistant Program Manager in Bridge Program 
Reinforced concrete box culverts with shallow cover
Gardiner, Jeffrey
XCEED Engineering & Consulting P.C.,        Principal Engineer 
Evaluation of in-situ rehabilitation products  
Gassman, Edward
Florida DOT, District Structures Maintenance Enginee r
Gettings, Michael
Delaware DOT, Project Engineer in Bridge Design 
Gilley, Curtiss
Terrain Engineering, Inc., President
General, all areas

Gohlke, Henry

Corporate Development Consultants Culvert rehabilitation linings and soil mechanics  
Green, Jennifer
Florida DOT, Drainage Engineer 
All areas especially pipe materials and shapes.  
Greifzu, David
Illinois DOT, Chief of Engineering Support Services Unit 
Box culverts  
Groen, Gerry 
KWH Pipe (Canada) Ltd. , Technical Services Manager 
Thermoplastic culverts  
Hammock, Ross
Florida DOT, Load Rating Engineer in Structures Maintenance 
General, all culvert types  
Harvey, Charlie
Florida DOT, Structures Design Professional Engineer III 
General and concrete box culverts  
Hasan, Mahmood
Colorado DOT, Team Leader Bridge Design & Management Branch 
Design & rating of all types of culverts  
Hashemieh, Mitra
Louisianna DOT, Engineer 
Box Culvert, corrugated metal, reinforced concrete, and thermoplastic pipe  
Hassan, Mo
Florida DOT, Assistant Structures Maintenance Engineer 
Hastings, Jason
Delaware DOT, Project Manager in Bridge Design 
Hilferding, Hida
RS&H, Bridge Engineer 
Box and pipe-like culverts  
Hincapie, German
CORPACERO - Armco Division, Colombia.
Project Manager
Soil-steel structures with corrugated structural steel plate in all shapes.
Humphreys, Becky
Ohio DOT, Roadway Hydraulic Engineer
Hundley, Chris 
Tennessee DOT, Roadway Specialist Region 1 
Hunter, Jeremy
RQAW Corporation, Senior Project Engineer 
Buried reinforced concrete culvert load rating  
Hurt, Steve
McCormick Taylor Inc, Senior Environmental Scientist 
General, aquatic life passage, permitting  
Hutton, Charles
Hutton Consulting, Inc. President
Conduits under water retention and mining dams

Jing, Reagan

Minerals & Metals Toronto, Worley-Parsons Canada
Principal Structural Engineer
Corrugated metal plate, and soil–structure interaction analysis.  
Johnson, Steve
South Dakota DOT, Bridge Design Engineer 
Concrete box culverts and long span high profile metal arches  
Kang, Junsuk
Georgia Southern Univerisity
Full-time Instructor
General, all buried conduits
Katona, Michael 
MGK-Consulting, consultant 
All aspects of CANDE and modeling techniques. Seismic design
Keene, Robert
Simpson Gumpertz & Heger Inc.,  Staff – Structures 
Kenst, John
Vaughn & Melton Consulting Engineers Inc, Transportation Manager
All culvert design information  
Kester, James
KCI Technologies Inc, Senior Associate 
Kieda, A. Paul
New York State DOT, Hydraulics Engineer Region 6 
Kisic, Joseph
Lane Enterprises Inc, Sales Engineer 
Design of steel and aluminum structural plate culverts  

Ko, Jason

WJE & Associates Inc. Engineer

jko@wje.com General, Arch Culverts  

Korff, Jon

Butler, Fairman & Seufert, Inc. Bridge Project Manager


Load rating buried structures.  
Kraut, Michael
 Pacific Roller Die Company, CMP Sales Engineer 
Corrugated metal pipes and manufacturing 
Krouse, William
Ohio DOT, Bridge Hydraulic Engineer (buried structures)
All structure types and hands on user training  
Krpan, John
The Odan/Detech Group Inc, President 
All culvert types, small bridge structures, and foundations.
Larson, David
Wisconsin DOT, Storm Water and Erosion Control Engineer 
General – all culvert types  
Lasiner, Nathalie
Tubecon, General Director
Leatherwood, Terry
Tennessee DOT, Civil Engineering Manager 1
All buried culverts especially concrete box culverts  

Lefebvre, Paul

Michie Corporation
Engineering Manager 

Precast RC culverts and 3-sided bridges  

Leibering, Justin
RQAW Corporation, Structural Engineer 
Buried reinforced concrete culvert load rating  
Lesh, Jim
United Consulting
Design Engineer
Reinforced concrete and corrugated metal pipe culvert load rating.  
Lim, Keng Wit
Simpson Gumpertz & Heger, Senior Staff 1  Senior Staff 1 
Lorincz, Johnathan
CONTECH Construction Products, Senior Structural Design Engineer
Reinforced concrete, Long-span arches and Con/Span
Lundy, Joe
Hanson Pipe and Precast, Director of Structural Product Design
Reinforced concrete 3-sided flat top and arch structures
MacDonald, Luke
Dalhousie University (Halifax), Doctoral Student 
Long-spans and  deeply corrugated soil-steel structures  
Macioce, Tom
Pennsylvania DOT, Chief Bridge Engineer 
Three-sided systems, plastic pipe, concrete pipe  
Majboor, Mohammed
Florida DOT, Drainage Engineer District 2 
Drainage design  
Manousakis, Costas
Massachusetts DOT, Bridge Information systems engineer 
Martin, Hugh
Hanson Pipe & Precast, Product Design Engineer 
Reinforced concrete pipe, box & arches  
McGriff¸ Don
ISCO Industries LLC, Director of Technical Design 
Thermoplastic pipe and rehabilitation  
McGrath, Timothy
Consultant.     Formerly  Principal at Simpson Gumpertz & Heger
All aspects of CANDE and LRFD design methodology
Consultant, Civil Engineer 
Delta Engineers, Director of Precast Concrete Services 
Reinforced concrete, box culverts, three-sided frames
Miller, Beverly
Pennsylvania DOT, Civil Engineer Consultant 
General, with emphasis on reinforced concrete pipe  
Miller, Daniel
William A. Kibbe & Associates, Inc.,  President
All buried concrete structures
Miller, James
Vaughn & Melton Consulting Engineers, Design Engineer 
General, all aspects of the CANDE program  
Mlynarski, Mark
Michael Baker Jr Inc, Program manager
Graphical User Interface
Moore, Ian
Queens University (Canada), Professor of Civil Engineering 
Combined experimental & analytical lab testing, trenchless technologies, and culvert rehabilitation.  
Murphy, Michael
Ameron International
Reinforced concrete pipe
Nesvold, Jerry
Johnston Fargo Culvert Inc., Sales engineer 
Steel Box culverts  
Ngo, Te
Oklahoma DOT, Roadway Drainage Engineer 
Nop, Michael
Iowa DOT, Transportation Engineer Specialist 
Box culverts precast or CIP  
Oppewall, Roy
CVAssociates, Engineering
Project Manager
Ottesen, Terje
Geosyntia AS, Managing Director 
MP steel culverts, plastic pipe, helically corrugated steel pipe  
Patterson, Charles
Virginia DOT, Standards Section Manager 
Plummer, Randy
Tennessee DOT, Roadway Specialist in Design 
Newbridge Civil Pty Ltd
Projects Director
Soil bridges, Corrugated metal, reinforced concrete, long-span arches, box culverts & pipe culverts  
Price, Adam
Tennessee DOT, Structural Specialist Supervisor 1 
Reinforced concrete box and slab culverts  
Rahman, Atiqur
Canada Culvert
Senior  Design Engineer 
Corrugated metal - long span arches and boxes, material intelligence, experimental studies
Ray, William
Louisiana DOT, Hydraulics Engineer 
General (all areas of culverts)  
Riechers, Kevin
Illinois DOT, Structural Standards Development Group Engineer 
All aspects of buried culverts and structures and skewed alignments  
Robert, Jeff
Maryland State Highway Administration, Structural Engineer 
Rogers, Chris 
University of Birmingham, Professor  Geotechnical Engineering 
Thermoplastic pipe and generally flexible pipe soil-structure interaction.  
Ronnfeldt, Amy
Texas DOT, Chief Hydraulics Engineer 
Rosario, Cardenas
 Reynolds Smith & Hills Inc, Drainage Engineer 
Rowe, Paul
Kistner Concrete Products Inc, Director of Engineering 
Reinforced concrete pipe, boxes and arches  
Rushang, Dave
University of Manitoba, Canada, Graduate Research Assistant 
Soil-steel bridges and rehabilitation. 
Rzicznek, Michael
Lane Enterprises Inc, Product Engineer 
Design of Steel and Aluminum Structural Plate Culverts  


Saavedra, Denilson

Jacobs, Structural Engineer


Salas, Hernando
Corpacero S.A., Armco Division Director 
Soil-steel structures with corrugated structural steel plate in all shapes  
Schlicklin, Zack
Sanders Pre-Cast Concrete Systems, Inc.               Project Engineer
Reinforced concrete pipe, boxes and arches  
Selladurai, Ahilan
AECOM Transportation, Bridge Design Engineer 
Box culverts, Bottomless culverts, and LRFD analysis  
Silagyi, Jerome
Lane Enterprises Inc, Manager of Technical Services
Thermoplastic pipe and corrugated metal culvert of all sizes and shapes
Sharifi, Hossein
University of KentuckyGraduate Student 
Computational Mechanics, Numerical Analysis, FEA 
Sims, Jeff
Lochner, Senior Hydraulic Design Engineer 

Sims, Michael

Point Four Engineering and Technological Services, Principal  pointfour@mpinet.net  Analysis of concrete, steel and plastic pipe    

Smith, Robert

University of Texas at Arlington, Professor of Civil Engineering  itdoctor10@gmail.com Numerical analysis of soil-structure interaction, modeling of cracks & inelastic behavior  
Sogge, Bob
Arch-Span Culverts, Consultant 
Finite element analysis of buried r/c arch culverts (12 to 50 ft span)  
Strohman, Bryan
Simpson Gumpertz & Heger Inc,.Staff II – Structures 
Corrugated metal, reinforced concrete, thermoplastic pipe, long span arches, box culverts
Stuhff, Denis
Utah DOT, Senior Hydraulic Engineer 
General and culvert slip-lining and rehabilitation  
Suleiman, Muhannad
Lehigh University, Assistant Professor 
General and research-type interest 
Sun, Charlie
University of Kentucky, Senior Research Engineer
Szewcik, Mark
Washington State DOT, Bridge Construction Support Engineer 
Reinforced Concrete  
Tabor, Vincent
Lin Engineering, Ltd.
Structural Engineer
Reinforced concrete box culverts, thermoplastic pipe culverts
Tan, Shu
Massachusetts DOT, Civil Engineer in Design Unit 
General application of CANDE software and design examples  
Taylor, Mark
CONTECH  Construction Products Inc, Area Technical Director
General, including buried culverts of all types 
Taylor, Michael
Nevada DOT, Senior Structures Engineer 

Teachey, Rick

CBC Engineers, Staff Engineer  rickteachey@cbceng.com 

General culvert design and analysis  

Tejada, Raul A.
GSG Consultants, Inc. Project Engineer
Analysis and design of bridges and overweight permitting. 
Thekkekara, Robin
Atlantic Civil Products, Design Engineer 
Corrugated metal, reinforced concrete, long-span arches, box culverts, pipe culverts  
Theodor, Nicolas
Ontario Ministry of Transportation, Head Standards Engineer for Bridge Office 
Open footing and box concrete culverts.  
Thomure, Jeff
CH2M Hill, structural engineer 
 General- all areas of interest. Emphasis on load-rating
Thurber, Pamela
Vermont Agency of Transportation, Bridge Management and Inspection Engineer 
Analysis and load rating of buried culverts and structures  
Toliver, Tim
Advanced Pipe Services, President
Structural analysis of corrugated metal, reinforced concrete and thermoplastic pipe and arches
Tovtin, Brad
Lane Enterprises Inc, Design Engineer 
Design of steel and aluminum structural plate culverts  
Vaia, Lynne
CONTECH Construction Products, Manager - Precast Bridges
General, reinforced concrete, special shapes and soil materials
Van der Nest, Darryl
Water Corporation, Western Australia, Senior Engineer. 
Re-lining, long span arches, thermoplastics, (compare with CandeCAD) 
Vaslestad, Jan
Norwegian University of Life Sciences. Professor and Chief Engineer of Norwegian Public Roads  
General, corrugated metal, thermoplastic, imperfect ditch culverts  
Vila, Luis
GM2 Associates, Inc.
Structural Engineer  
Design & rating of all types of culverts
Von Handorf, Jeff
Structure Sight LLC, Partner (Consultant) 
Long-span arches, box culverts, specialty r/c structures 
Wampler, Danny
Indiana DOT, Load Rating Engineer 
Arches and box culverts  
Pennsylvania DOT, Civil Engineer Consultant for Bridges 
LRFD design of buried concrete arch structure  
Wasniak, Daniel
Contech Construction Products Inc, Engineering Manager 
Corrugated metal, reinforced concrete, and long span arches  

Watral, Robert
Pennsylvania DOT, Sr. Bridge Engineer 
General, box culverts, thermoplastic pipe  
Watson Engineering, PC Design Engineer
General, concrete culverts & pipes
Webb, Mark
Scurlock Industries of Springfield, Engineer
Box culverts, pipe, and three-sided bridge structures
Webb, Mark C
Senior Technical Leader
Pipeline Design & Condition Assessment
Soil-structure interaction, gravity & pressure pipes, buried bridges, soil properties & testing, liners, CANDE and CandeCAD         
Wehrum, Kate
CONTECH Construction Products, Design Engineer
Reinforced concrete
White, Kevin
E.L. Robinson Engineering of Ohio, Manager Water Resources Group 
Structural mechanics of buried pipes, soil behavior, and load relief by relative stiffness. 
Whitehouse, Mike
ISCO Industries LLC, Design & Technical Support 
Rehabilitated composite pipe system burial analysis 
Wight, Michael  
Maine DOT, Senior Structural Designer in Bridge Program 
GG General
Williams, Cassandra
Foley Products Company, Civil Engineer 
Reinforced concrete, arch culvert, box culvert  
Williams, John                   
Baskerville Donovan, Inc.  Sr. Structural Engineer
General interest
Williams, Kevin
Atlantic Industries Ltd., Senior Design Engineer
Corrugated steel, long spans arches and deep corrugations.
Wolfe, Marvin
Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, TE Specialist in Structural Design 
General interest as Member of AASHTO SCOBS T-13 Culverts Committee
Yannotti, Arthur
New York State DOT, Deputy Chief Engineer for Structures 

Zahawi, Benan  

Stantec Consulting
Senior Structural Engineer  
 bzahawi@stantec.com  FE Analysis, and all Buried Structures