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CANDE Downloads (CANDE-2022 & CTB-2022)
Free executable program and documentation:


   (1) If you are acquiring CANDE for the first time, you must begin by downloading CANDE-2007 with 2011 Upgrade from the TRB web site as directed below.

  (2) After you have CANDE 2007/2011 installed and working on your computer you may easily update the program to the CANDE-2022 version as stated below.

  (3) The updated auxiliary program called CANDE Tool Box-2022 offers user-friendly tools to modify input and output files for load rating. See the last paragraph below.


CANDE-2007 with 2011 Upgrade. This is the name of the AASHTO sponsored culvert analysis and design computer program developed under the direction of TRB's National Cooperative Highway Research Program Project 15-38.  The original CANDE-2007 program became publicly available on April 18, 2008, and CANDE-2007 with 2011 Upgrade became publicly available on August 11, 2011. All users should download the 2011 version as it is operable on all 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems and has improvements and corrections to the original version.

A downloadable file with the executable CANDE-2007 with 2011 Upgrade program including user manuals, theoretical manuals and tutorial examples is available on the TRB web site for NCHRP Project 15-28 via the link below:

Near the bottom of the opening page, click on "CANDE-2007 2011 Upgrade" and follow download instructions to create an iso file. Once you have created the installation file, open file and see the "read me" document for installing CANDE in your computer using the installation wizard.



CANDE-2022. The 2022 version of CANDE offers all of the new modeling capabilities that have been developed since CANDE-2007/2011 and are briefly described in CANDE Newsletters #7, #8, #9 and #10. Newsletter #10 describes the two newest capabilities that have been installed since the previous version CANDE-2019. As explained in the following link, the CANDE-2022 Update is achieved quite simply by pasting a revised dynamic link of the Cande Engine into the installed 2007/2011 program.  Click on the link below and follow the directions to download the CANDE-2022 update along with updated CANDE-2022 user and theory manuals. 




CANDE Tool Box-2022.  The CANDE Tool Box (CTB) greatly enhances the user friendliness of the CANDE finite element program to compute load rating factors (RF) for any vehicle traversing a culvert installation. CTB is a stand-alone program that was developed in 2017 under the auspices of NCHRP Project 15-54 to automatically generate CANDE input files to simulate vehicular loading. The latest CTB-2022 Program and User Manual may be downloaded from the following link.