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Get CANDE-2024
Get CANDE-2024
CANDE-2004 Downloads
Free executable programs and documentation:


Part 1 - For first time CANDE users only.  (Current CANDE users go to Part 2)

If you are acquiring CANDE for the very first time, you must begin by downloading CANDE-2007 with 2011 Upgrade from the TRB web site at the URL address shown below. 

On the opening page, click the link "CANDE-2007 2011 Upgrade" which will download the  CANDE-2007/11 iso file in your download folder.  Open the file and see the "read me" document for installing CANDE in your computer using the installation wizard.  After you have CANDE 2007/2011 installed and working on your computer you may easily update the program and documentation to the CANDE-2024 version as described in Part 2 below.


Part 2 - For all CANDE users.

To obtain the suite of updated CANDE-2024 programs and documents, download each of the three zip-folder packages whose Dropbox inks are listed below. Follow the step-by-step directions for downloading each zip-folder package.





Step-by-step downloading directions:

  1. Highlight any one of the above links and press "Ctrl+click" to enter the shared “Dropbox”.
  2. When the Dropbox screen appears, click on the "download icon" located in the upper right corner (downward arrow). 
  3. Next, a sign-in screen appears. Ignore the sign-in options and click the very last line that reads “Or, continue with download only”.
  4. The above steps insert the zip-folder package into your computer’s Download folder. Repeat the above steps for all three zip-folder packages.
  5. Each zip-folder package contains a "Read me first" document that describes the package's contents and further instructions for implementation.

Instructions for easy access to the 2024 manuals directly from the CANDE program are provided in the following web link, Run-time access to CANDE manuals.

Thank you for your interest in the CANDE suite of programs and manuals.  

The source CANDE Engine program may be obtained by an email request to Michael Katona at mgkatona@comcast.net.