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Questions about the CANDE program generally fall into one of two broad categories, Capabilities or Problems.

(1) Capability questions. Capability-type questions are like, "Can CANDE simulate a specific material behavior?"  or,  "How can I model this or that boundary condition?"

(2) Problem questions. Problem-type questions refer to input errors, execution errors, or convergence issues that are encountered when attempting to run CANDE.             

Please identify your type of question and state your issue as succinctly as possible in the box below along with your name and email address. You will receive a response within one or two days.

Alternatively, you may email Michael Katona directly at mgkatona@comcast.net and attach a copy of the CANDE input file that is causing you problems.

If the problem is easily answered, there is no charge for this service. Otherwise, a mutually agreed fee to fix your problem will be charged.

Still another source of help is the CANDE User Community. By perusing the names in the CANDE User list, you are likely to find someone you know and/or someone with interest areas that match your own. Feel free to email your question to them.


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