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CANDE Newsletter #9

Apr 1, 2019

Get the latest CANDE-2019 program along with the 2019 CANDE Tool Box program. Downloadable free of charge at the CANDE Website, CandeForCulverts.com.

New CANDE-2019 Program:

CANDE-2019 is the latest version of the CANDE series of programs since the AASHTO-sponsored release of CANDE-2007/11 at the TRB website. This 2019 version is compatible with all pre-existing versions and includes new capabilities and improvements that are described in detail in the CANDE-2019 User Manual and the CANDE-2019 Formulations and Solution Manual that accompany the downloads.

The primary enhancements since the previous CANDE update in 2017 relate to the so-called 3D stiffness effect, which is a little-understood phenomenon that is the reason for the special distribution width prescribed in AASHTO Section for r/c boxes and arches under shallow burial. The CANDE-2019 program extends the concept of Continuous Load Scaling (CLS) to realistically account for 3D stiffness effects (3DSE) as well as providing a detailed explanation of the physics involved. Engineers desiring to understand the logic behind AASHTO Section are encouraged to read Section 8.1.5 in the CANDE-2019 Formulations and Solution Manual for explanations that cannot be found elsewhere.

CANDE Tool Box – 2019 Program.

The CANDE Tool Box program greatly enhances the user friendliness of the CANDE-2019 finite element program for computing load rating factors for all culvert-soil models with live loads. The CANDE Tool Box (CTB-2019) is a standalone computer program developed under the auspices of NCHRP Project 15-54 and has undergone two years of alpha and beta testing. CTB-2019 is now in final form and freely available at the CANDE website.

Great appreciation is extended to all beta testers who not only helped to discover program bugs but also provided suggestions for improving and extending many of the CTB options. Beta users commented that CTB reduced their load-rating work effort by as much as 90% while at the same time providing the user with a comprehensive road map for addressing all load rating concerns.

Download CANDE-2019 Executable Program and CTB-2019 along with all Documentation.
•   Go to CANDE Website at CandeForCulverts.com
•   Click “Download” tab and fellow simple directions – it’s easy.

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