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CANDE News > CANDE Newsletter #6
CANDE Newsletter #6

Mar 5, 2015

CANDE-2015 program – UPDATE. Two months ago the new CANDE-2015 program was released as described in Newsletter #5. As a result of additional beta testing and user feedback, significant improvements have been made in the convergence algorithms for the two new soil models called Mohr-Coulomb and Modified Duncan/Selig.

If you have already installed the CANDE-2015 program (version 1/30/2015), you may wish to re- install the updated program (version 3/5/2015) with improved convergence. It is a very quick process and free of charge. Simply follow the steps below.
1.   Go to CANDE website: CandeForCulverts.com
2.   Click the tab “CANDE Downloads”
3.   At bottom of page click “CANDE-2015 Download Link”
4.   Follow directions and read 1st page of Installation and Guidance document to insert new DLL

Only the DLL is new, the User and Theory manuals are the same as the January release.
Your feedback is always appreciated.