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CANDE News > CANDE Newsletter #3
CANDE Newsletter #3

Apr 23, 2012

This newsletter announces two endeavors to enhance networking and information-sharing opportunities among engineers working in the area of buried culverts and structures. First, a forum has been initiated in the CANDE website for engineers to provide comments on any and all computer programs that have been found useful (or not useful) for analyzing and designing buried structures. Second, the personal information listed in CANDE user community is being extended to include links to individual web pages.

Actions. To take advantage and participate in these information-sharing and networking endeavors, please see the CANDE website (CandeForCulverts.com) and follow the directions below:

(1) To include a link to your own web pages such as a work-related or personal website, please email the web page’s complete URL to mgkatona@comcast.net. In the same email, you may include any updates or corrections to your existing information as currently shown in the CANDE User community.

(2) To share your information on computer programs that may be useful for soil-structure interaction analysis of buried structures, please visit the CANDE Forum and click on the new thread entitled, Information sharing on computer programs for soil-structure interaction analysis. Comments are welcomed on any and all programs ranging from home-grown algorithms to commercial, multipurpose 3D programs.

Motivation. Truth be told, the number of engineers with experience in finite element analysis of buried structures is a relatively small group and are truly a rare breed. Indeed, the 150 or so engineers listed in the CANDE website are a sizeable proportion of this rare breed, and the contact information provided in the CANDE website offers you the opportunity to communicate with others on topics ranging from technical questions to job opportunities. In like manner, your contribution to the CANDE forum discussion increases your visibility to the community as well as allowing you to magnanimously share your personal experiences on any and all computer programs for soil-structure interaction analysis.