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CANDE Newsletter #2

Aug 11, 2011

All CANDE users are encouraged to download the latest version called CANDE-2007 with 2011 Upgrade. It is operable on all 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems and has improvements and corrections to the original version. A downloadable CD with the executable CANDE-2007 with 2011 Upgrade program including user manuals, theoretical manuals and tutorial examples is available on the TRB/NCHRP web site via the link below:


Near the bottom of the opening page, click on "CANDE-2007 2011 Upgrade" and follow download instructions to burn a CD (iso file). Once you have created the installation CD, open the CD and see the "read me" file for installing CANDE in your computer using the installation wizard.

Background information on the 2011 CANDE upgrade is outlined below. As a follow-on improvement to NCHRP project 15-28, Project manager Dave Reynaud contracted Mark Mlynarski of Michael Baker Jr. Inc. to upgrade CANDE-2007 to be compatible with 64-bit operating systems like Windows 7. Prior to this effort CANDE was only operable on 32-bit operating systems. In parallel with this effort, Mike Katona provided corrections and improvements to the original CANDE-2007 program. Improvements included; a new capability to specify initial gap distances for interface elements, a more general capability to prescribe displacement boundary conditions in sequential load steps, a better working bandwidth minimizer when node numbers are missing, faster convergence algorithms for the Duncan/Selig soil model and the reinforced concrete model. Corrections included; eliminating an ambiguity between canned parameters for Duncan model versus Duncan/Selig model, correcting concrete shear-strength capacity for multiple pipe groups and correcting radial tension capacity for intermediate span lengths, and avoiding potential division by zero problems in the plastic pipe subroutines.

The CANDE-2007 program with 2011 upgrade is a complete replacement for the original CANDE-2007 program. It is operable in both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems including Windows 7. The 2011 Upgrade will generally produce slightly different answers than original CANDE-2007 program due to improved convergence algorithms. See the CANDE website for other details, www.CANDEforCulverts.