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CANDE Newsletter #1

May 9, 2011

This is the first newsletter since CANDE-2007 was first released from TRB/NCHRP on April 18, 2008.

1. As of May 7, 2011, CANDE's website is officially online at http://www.CANDEforCulverts.com. Comments on the website are welcome at mgkatona@comcast.net

2.   CANDE-2007 does not work on Windows 7 and Vista operating systems with 64-bit architecture. At present time CANDE-2007 only executes on operating systems using 32-bit architecture such as Windows XP operating system. NCHRP is aware of this problem and is currently negotiating a contract with Michael Baker Jr. Inc. to fix the problem. It is anticipated that a new executable version of CANDE that is compatible with 64-bit architecture will be available in late June, 2011.

3.   Several improvements and corrections have been incorporated into the developer's version of CANDE-2007. This revised version of CANDE-2007 will be made available to the user community in late June in conjunction with the fix for 64-bit architecture. Registered CANDE users will be automatically notified when the revised version is accessible for downloading from the TRB/NCHRP website.