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CANDE Newsletter #11

Apr 26, 2024

Get the 2024 suite of updated CANDE programs, tools, manuals and tutorials. Now available to freely download from the CANDE Website, CandeForCulverts.com. Listed below are the three downloadable packages followed by the description of the contents in each package.

(1)   The improved CANDE-2024 program with updated documentation..
(2)   The enhanced 2024 CANDE Tool Box program.
(3)   The updated 2024 CANDE Tutorial of Applications.

1.   Improved CANDE-2024 Program and Documentation.

CANDE-2024 is the latest version in the series of CANDE programs that have built upon the AASHTO-sponsored CANDE-2007 program maintained by TRB. The CANDE-2024 version is compatible with all previous versions and includes new capabilities and improvements that are described in detail in the CANDE-2024 User Manual and the CANDE-2024 Solution & Formulations Manual that accompany the downloads. Specifically, the CANDE-2024 program includes improvements in large-deformation analysis and buckling capacity predictions as well as improvements in convergence algorithms for nonlinear soil and pipe-group models. In addition, the 2024 CANDE documentation manuals have been expanded to better explain the input parameters and various soil-structure models used in CANDE.

2.   Enhanced CANDE Tool Box-2024 Program and User Manual.

First introduced in 2018, the CANDE Tool Box (CTB) is a standalone computer program that greatly reduces the drudgery of preparing finite element input data for CANDE Level 3 analysis. The enhanced 2024 CTB program includes a new Option 6 in addition to the five original options, which range from creating full-mesh Level 3 input files to performing load rating analysis of live loads. The 2024 CANDE Tool Box (CTB-2024) has been enhanced to include a new Option 6 that creates input files for multiple soil-structure configurations in a row based on an existing input file defining a single soil-structure mesh configuration (clone). This feature is useful for analyzing multiple, side-by-side, identical culverts such as stormwater chambers or repeating culvert installations.

3.   Updated 2024 CANDE Tutorial of Applications.

The original Tutorial of Applications has not been updated since its creation in 2007. The updated and revised 2024 Tutorial of Applications contains 18 example problems, which include applications of CANDE’s new modeling capabilities as well as utilization of the CTB-2024 program. Each Tutorial problem includes a working input file (cid file) and a comprehensive writeup that describes the problem, demonstrates how the input file is created, and illustrates how to view and interpret the CANDE output. Also, each tutorial contains two self-learning exercises that specify simple modifications to the problem, which reveal interesting insights into soil-structure interaction.

Go to CANDE Website at CandeForCulverts.com, click “Download” tab and follow the directions.

End Newsletter #11