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CANDE Newsletter #10

Feb 6, 2022

Get the latest CANDE-2022 program along with the 2022 CANDE Tool Box program. Free Downloads available from the CANDE Website, CandeForCulverts.com.

Improved CANDE-2022 Program

CANDE-2022 is the latest version in the CANDE series of programs that have built upon the AASHTO-sponsored CANDE-2007/2011 program released from the TRB website. The CANDE-2022 version is compatible with all previous versions and includes new capabilities and improvements that are described in detail in the CANDE-2022 User Manual and the CANDE-2022 Solution & Formulations Manual that accompany the downloads. Specifically, CANDE-2022 includes two new capabilities that have been added since the previous CANDE-2019 version and are summarized as follows:

1.   A verified new procedure to predict the impact of live-loads on buried culverts that takes into account the full benefit of pavements. That is, in addition to the beneficial in-plane load spreading that inherently occurs when pavements are included in a 2D finite element model, the new procedure also simulates the enhanced out-of-plane load spreading induced by pavements. This new procedure, which captures the full benefits of pavements, is important for obtaining realistic load rating factors without undue conservatism.

2.   A new composite link element is now operative that allows combining two different beam element materials to react as a composite bending unit as if the two beam groups are welded together along the common interface. Or, at the user’s discretion, a reduction factor may be specified to simulate an interface condition somewhere between fully composite and simple tandem action. Useful for modeling stiffeners, assessing rehabilitated composite pipes, and investigating new culvert concepts.

Updated CANDE Tool Box – 2022 Program.

First introduced in 2018, The CANDE Tool Box (CTB) is a standalone computer program that greatly reduces the drudgery of preparing finite element input data related to vehicular loading. This includes generating a full-mesh model from a half-mesh model, adding pavement layers, simulating moving truck travel and computing load rating factors. The 2022 CANDE Tool Box (CTB-2022) has been further extended to automatically compute the load-spreading parameters that lead to obtaining the full benefit of pavements

Download CANDE-2022 and CTB-2022 along with all documentation and example input problems as described below.
•   Go to CANDE Website at CandeForCulverts.com
•   Click “Download” tab and follow the simple directions – it’s easy.

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