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Benefits of Microsoft Azure VDI for businesses?
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May 04, 2021
2:05 AM
Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) was initially thought of as a complex technology because of difficulties with implementing and managing its components. In a typical setup, IT must oversee a large amount of computing infrastructure. This includes VMs/servers, networking systems, endpoint devices, and load balancers. Moreover, high availability (HA) and disaster recovery (DR) strategies should be devised for employees to remain productive in the event of natural disasters or system outages. To top it all off, virtualization was initially costly in terms of hardware and software licensing.

Following are some benefits of using Microsoft Azure VDI

New licensing systems decrease complexity and offer generous cost savings. To begin with, businesses do not have to deal with separate Windows Server licensing agreements. Secondly, one receives Windows 7 extended support without needing added end-of-life support payments.

The WVD service features usage rights included in Windows E3 and Office 365 Pro Plus licenses for the sole multi-user cloud VDI. This is where you need not pay for hardware dedicated to your clients.

The ESUs for Windows 7 comes at no cost, provided you are not going to complete migration by Jan 2020. As a result, businesses managing legacy apps that only run on Windows 7 continue to benefit from shifting to cloud-based VDI as part of a wider digital transformation initiative.

Simplified & Secure Access
WVD consists of the managed control plane service and the OS licensing itself. It does not cover your Azure resource consumption expenses that are user, application, and Azure region dependent. The free control plane, the software responsible for organizing the formation and management of app and desktop session hosts, authenticates users and decides where to route their desktop connections. So, businesses need not set up VMs for functions such as diagnostics, web access, request brokers, and application gateways.

WVD resides with integrated Microsoft components like Office 365 and your OneDrive data in Azure to deliver fast response time and efficiencies.

From a business perspective, WVD has a lot to offer. The solution brings new use cases, such as supporting gig economies in which businesses contract with independent workers for short-term projects. Contractors can implement BYOD policies and establish secure connections to the Azure cloud to access the data and apps they need for carrying out their tasks.

Multi-session Windows 10 efficiencies and support for Windows Server RDS desktop and apps come with minimal resource consumption. Get to know more about Desktop as a Service Pricing in detail.

I hope this information will be helpful!

Mark Wilson

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