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Discuss Kindle benefits
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Feb 22, 2021
10:23 PM
1-It has an adjustable text size
2-It is built-in WiFi or 3G connection
3-It never heats up like a laptop.
4-In Kindle, Books can be categorized or stored as collections
5-It Stores up to 1,400 books.
6-Automatic bookmark
7-Password protection
8-Its battery life of at least a month if WiFi is turned off
9-You can add your own annotations to the text.
10-It integrates with Facebook and Twitter and allows searching on Wikipedia.
11-It has a page-turning function so you feel as if you’re reading a real book.
12-It has clear text and fonts, and a sharp display.
13-It has a special high contrast screen that allows you to read even in bright sunshine with no glare.

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