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Greatly explained
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Henry Mills
2 posts
May 08, 2020
2:14 AM
Though everyone respects him, nobody is happy with his domineering nature. His son, Nandu, already has a conflicting nature with his father. Things are never hunky-dory between father and son. Uma, the younger daughter is busy with her life as well, with her school being the center of her universe. Nandu decides to travel for a picnic on the eighteenth of that month.

Their servant, Ramu, tries to persuade him to not travel on that day. Both Chenna and Nandu dismiss this as rural superstition. On that fateful day, Chenna doesn't have a positive board meeting. Also, they receive a call that Nandu has met with an accident. The accident news turns out to be a false alarm and Nandu is back home safe and sound.
Everette Zieme
1 post
May 08, 2020
2:17 AM
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anastasia george
30 posts
Aug 08, 2020
5:10 AM
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