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Where to find the input files of examples 15&16?
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Nov 21, 2019
10:22 AM
Where can I find the input files of tutorial examples 15 and 16 in the CANDE-2007 Tutorial of Applications?
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Nov 27, 2019
12:04 AM
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Geoff Kramer
1 post
Dec 19, 2019
5:05 AM

I had similar difficulties trying to find the inputs for the tutorials; after some help from Dr. Katona, I learned that the installation of the program places all of the input files here:

C:\Users\(USERNAME)\My Documents\CANDEInputFiles\TutorialProblems

The MathCAD files shown in the user manuals to calculate the live loads can be found in the ISO files downloaded through the "CANDE Download" link on this website.

Good luck!

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